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Beautiful Nightmare - First Day Part 2

Georgia POV

OMG they was right. He is the god of finess. I realized I dropped my phone when he was looking at it.

D:you dropped your phone

G:oh *he hands it to me* thank you……um I’m Georgia new here?


D:you seen the different clubs and stuff we have, yet?

G:not yet. I kinda want to get a feel of the school before I really get involed.

D:ok cool. Well let me see your schedule……so I can tell you what lunch you have

Omg he bluffing. He know he wanna see what classes we got. *Makes Stevie J face*


I give him my schedule and I notice Mykl behind him shaking her head. I looked away then behind me. I saw Leila walking away with some fine guy. But nothing compared to Daniel. So far Daniel isn’t that bad. He seem nice. I don’t know why the girls want me talking to him. I realized Daniel was smiling at me.


D:nothing…..but we hacve the same classes.

G:your in honors?

D:yeah. Good grades looks really good with basketball. I’m making good grades so better schools can try to get me in. Then I’ma go pro…you know?

G:yeah. That’s smart move and theory

D:yep…you want me to show you to first period?


I got my binder and pencil pouch before I closed my locker. I saw Ashley mean mugging Daniel. For what reason? I don’t know. I looked at Daniel and he was still smiling. I brushed off the weird feeling and followed him to class. Daniel and I walked up some long stairs and to the other side of school. My legs was hurting. I’m fit…to a certain point. But all this climbing steep stairs ain’t gonna work with me. I’m just glad I didn’t wear heels. I hope Ashley doesn’t have any classes upstairs. But hey she might be use to it. We walked into English room. I was about to sit in the front, but Daniel grabbed my hand and led me to the back. My stomach got butterflies and my knees weakened.

D:you with me so you can sit back here


I was a little confused. So if you wasn’t cool you didn’t sit in the back? I’m cool? TF? I have never been cool in my life. This is new. I wonder how this is gonna go. The teacher stood up in front of the class.

J:good morning class I will be your teacher this year. There are rules in my class…..blah blah blah

That’s all I heard after she started telling her rules. I don’t talk or cause problems so I’m good. Daniel tapped my leg. I looked at him. He pointed to my pocket. I looked confused and realized he wanted my phone. I got it out quickly and watched the teacher so I wouldn’t get caught. I handed it to him quickly. He unlocked my phone and started typing. No I don’t have a password. I noticed a pretty girl with long black hair and a caramel complexion mean mugging me. I am guessing that is Alexis. Why she looking at me like that? I didn’t do anything to her. I don’t know her so boo better get her eyes right. NO DRAMA!!!This ain’t theatre class…to the left to the left. I saw Daniel quickly give me my phone back. I looked on my screen and saw “Daniel ;)”. I smiled at it and looked over at him. He winked at me and I promise my heart skipped a beat. But my moment was short lived cause the she devil started talking.

A:Mrs. Jones, the new girl is breaking your rules now. She is messing with a student, talking, and she has her phone out

J:oh is that right? What’s your name?

G:Georgia Boyd (I know that’s not your real last name)

J:well detention after school.

I looked at Daniel. He looked like he was about to say something, but he didn’t.

G:But I didn…..

J:back talking extra hour. Any more Ms. Boyd?


Class kept going on and we had homework and a essay. Finally when the bell rung I got my books and was walking out. I just happen to look back and Alexis was kissing Daniel. I felt the tears form in my eyes. I ran down the hall. I can’t believe I didn’t listen to the girls. I walked to my second period. It was a scince lab. I saw Leila sitting there. I sat by her.



G:where did you go before first period?

L:um….my ex wanted to talk


L:yeah. He wants to get back together. I love him, but he is always with Alexis. She is the reason why we broke up…there is more to it but I hate talking about it

I saw tears form in her eyes. I hug her.

G:I’ma always be here for you

L:Ok …anyway I heard you was seen with Daniel

G:yeah but um that’s over

L:you met Alexis?

G:yep I thought I liked him

L:honey don’t fall for it

G:I’m not. That chapter is closed before it could start


And then Daniel walked in. He looked at me and walked over. I ignored him.

Classes pass and I keep ignoring Daniel. He try talking to me. I was walking to Mykl’s car when someone grabbed my arm. It was Daniel.

D:so you big and bad trying to ignore me?

G:I have to go

D:no listen. Dinner tonight. I’m picking you up at 7. Be ready. I don’t wait

He winked and walked off. I was so shocked. Did he just do that? No one orders me to go out with him………..I wonder what I’ma wear. I don’t know if I wanna go. I walked to the car and the girls was looking at me.

M:he is trouble

L:be careful

A:I wanna pick out the outfit

M:she shouldn’t go

G:why can’t I?

M:……just don’t trust him

The girls get in the Range and I look at Daniel driving off in Benz. I sigh and get in the car.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting. My first day of school was yesterday.Then I had practice today. So I got really busy. I will be posting tonight. The weekdays is the time for me to post. My weekends are too busy. Once again sorry for not posting ~T

A Beautiful Nightmare - First Day Part 1

It’s the first day of school for these seniors. You would think that they’ll be excited about their last year. But they just want to get it over with. Georgia, she is new this school year. She arrived on the last day of school, so she doesn’t know how Lincoln High is ran. But don’t worry Leila, Ashley, and Mykl will feel her in. Let’s go and see what their up to now on this hot Monday morning.

[M - Mykl (pronounced Michael) A- Ashley G- Georgia L- Leila(pronounced Layla)]

Mykl POV

Mrs. Braxton busted in me and Layla’s room. I groaned as I tried to get up knowing she was going sing until we do. I threw the covers off of me before she could sing the national anthem. I pushed her out the room and locked the door. She can sing don’t get me wrong, but in the mornings she sound like a cat being strangled. I walked over to Leila and woke her up. The both of us share a bathroom and bedroom so we knew who was to go first and second. We switched each day.

L:I don’t wanna go!!!

M:same here but you know Mrs. Braxton is gonna make sure we go. Besides it’s our last year.

L:and? What’s gonna be different?

M:we have Georgia now

L:dang we didn’t give her the heads up yet

M:oh yeah…well we can tell her in the car

I walked to my closet and picked out a cutie outfit.

L:hey who is driving? You or Ashley?

M:it depends on who gets their keys first

L:I can’t wait until next week. I’ma be like “later losers”

M:ummhmm us losers help pay for you iish everyday for lunch

L:and I thank you for that *sarcastic*

M:go shower before Mrs. Braxton comes back

L:did she try to sing this morning

M:almost. I got her up out the room before she could


Leila goes into the bathroom. I get my clothes and head to the ironing room….yes this house is that big. I started ironing my clothes when Georgia comes downstairs and into the ironing room.

Georgia POV

G:hey I’m glad you’re up. Which one? The dress that’s fun and cute or the shorts and sleeveless shirt that’s daring and sexy?

M:well it depends on what you want people to see you as.

G:you right I’ll do the dress and then the shorts and top later

M:good choice. Cuz people is going to judge you the whole school year and name you just off the first day

Ashley passes the ironing room, heading to the kitchen.

A:truuuu *her 2 Chainz voice*


M:yep. Then if you see any cute boys……….run

A:yup they no good just want to get in your granny panties *eats an apple and walks to the ironing room door*

G:I don’t wear granny panties

A:honey ….yes you do


M:oh and stay away from Alexis

A:ughhh why you bring her up

G:what? why?

M:she is the witch of the school. She is beautiful and she gets any and everything she wants.

A:you know that big ass house down the street?

G:the pretty one?


A:that’s her dad’s house. She lives there.

M:she is a B-I-T-C-H that has good grades


A:only cause she gets nerds to do it for her

M:that’s why we’re telling you don’t talk to her. You’re smart and she’ll take advantage


A:yep……oooh we should tell her about the boys

M:what boys?

A:THE boys

M:OMG yes!!!!!!

Leila walks to the ironing room.

L:I’m finished in the bathroom

A:we about to tell Georgia about the boys

L:oh my gosh yess

M:Ok so THE boys is what me, Ashley ,and Leila call 4 of the finest boys at school. Their names are Daniel, Jacob, Aaron, and Khalil. They are on the basketball team. They are the best….and I don’t mean just basketball if you know what I mean

G:…so you’ve?

M:no that’s word from their ex’s

G:what’s so special about them

A:their smart on the low

L:they are gods!!! Fine fit gods

M:you’ll see

G:have y’all ever talked to them?

A:no it’s like forbidden


A:we are like nerds and the underclass

G:but we’re seniors like them

L:boo in their head everyone else is and they are over us

M:if they talk to you it’s probably to get you to do their homework or they talking about you. So THE boys are off limits.

L:yep Alexis mad that clear freshman year when she blasted Ashley in front of everybody

A:I really don’t like her

M:trust we don’t either

G:I don’t know her so…

L:you don’t want to get to know her. You’ll know Alexis when you see her. She is no one you want to be friends with

G:ok I’ma go and shower


I go upstairs and shower. I process what the girls told me. I finish showering and washing my hair. I lotion up and put my towel on. I go and put my underwear on. I quick walk back to the room. I changed my outfit. I got my golden skinny jeans, my jean button down shirt, my black combat boots. I let my hair air dry and I put it in a high messy bun on my head. I put on my gold studs in my first earring hole and my gold hoops in my second earring hole. I put on my gold necklace that has the word ‘HOPE’ on it. I put on my silver and gold bracelets on my left arm. I get my golden silver crystal bracelet and put it on. I do my makeup natural with brown lipstick. I get my purse and shoulder bag for my books. I take some pictures in the full length mirror and posted them on Instagram ‘First Day of Senior year. #GoldenYear’. I get my phone and head downstairs. I sit on the couch and wait on the other girls. I get my phone and go on tumblr to pass time.

First Day Outfit -

Ashley POV

A:you think she’ll be ready for today?


L:she’ll be fine. I’m just ready to get to school. I want to decorate my locker

A:me too!!!


A:whatever My

M:let’s go it’s 20 minutes until school starts


A:sometimes I wonder if you ok

L:boo I’m fine

Leila walks out the room. I look in the mirror at my dress. I smile and fix a few strands of my hair. I slip on my wedge heels that match my purse. I make sure everything is looking right. I get my phone and head downstairs. I see the girls at the door.

A:ok I’m ready


A:aye beauty takes time

M:well honey your beauty was about to have you walk to school

A:haha ha funny

M:come on

I get my book bag and go to Mykl’s new Range Rover.

A:I hope I get a Range too. This is too clean boo

We all get in the car.

G:I know right.

Ashley’s First Day Outfit -


Leila POV

I turn on the radio and Whip It by Nicki Minaj is on. The girls and I sing and rap along.

"Hey, you, jump in this ride
It’s real nice, and slippery inside
Rise, eyes, come get this pie
Ride it style
Said it a minute ago, I did it a minute ago
I drop it, I pick it slow, I want it, I kick it though
Cause they know that I got that gucci
Said I’m bad, but I could be a gucci

Please my body, rock my body,
Roll, you make we go
Na na na na na we go
Please my body, heal my body
Roll, you make we go
Na na na na na we go

We gon’…

Hey stranger over there
I’m really liking that way
You whip it whip it
Yeah, I want you everyday
You’re so right, you’re so tight
You got my world spinning
You got my world spinning
My head goes round and around, round and around
Now I’m thinking
If we could be, stranger what you say?
I’m really liking that way
You whip it whip it whip it whip it

Na na na na na we go

Na na na na na we go

Is that my cue? I’m looking for some brain to boost my IQ
I’m like 5’2, my SAT scores was high too.
But I don’t mean to brag I louis vuitton bag em
Hopped out the jag proceeded to sha shag em.
Slim, trim, oh so light skin
So pe pe peter put the pipe in

Please my body, rock my body,
Roll, you make we go
Na na na na na we go
Please my body, heal my body
Roll, you make we go
Na na na na na we go

We gon’…

Hey stranger over there
I’m really liking that way
You whip it whip it
Yeah, I want you everyday
You’re so right, you’re so tight
You got my world spinning
You got my world spinning
My head goes round and around, round and around
Now I’m thinking
If we could be, stranger what you say?
I’m really liking that way
You whip it whip it whip it whip it

Na na na na na we go

Na na na na na we go.” -Nicki Minaj

We laugh at how much of the song we knew. My phone started blinking showing a got a message. I opened it. It read ‘I miss you’ I quickly deleted it. I wanted to cry. I looked out the window and took some breaths. I put on a fake smile as always and tried to enjoy the car ride with the girls. We made it to school and we all got out. I saw him looking in my direction. I look away and walk in the building with the girls.

Leila’s First Day Outfit -

Mykl POV

I saw him watching Leila. I’ma have to talk to her about that later. I can’t believe he left Leila for Alexis smh. I don’t understand what he was thinking, but it’s not my place to judge. We walked to the main office and got our schedules, locker numbers, and combination numbers. Luckily for us our lockers was next to each other …well every other locker. I wonder who’s locker is between me and Georgia. Talking about Georgia, I need to know where she get those pants. They are too cute. I open my locker and put my stuff in it. I smell cologne that smelled so good. I know that smell before. I close my locker and saw Daniel opening his locker. I could tell Georgia was mesmerized cuz she dropped her phone. Georgia NEVER drops her phone, well I guess you can never say never huh? The girl is in love smh. I hope she remembers what we told her this morning.

Mykl’s First Day Outfit -

A Beautiful Nightmare…..Intro

Four friends living under one roof. All with problems, but once they are together there is nothing they can’t do. But all that changes when the coolest boys in school notice them. Making them weak and blinded with love…….but is the love real or is it just a front? No doubt these girls will change the boys life….but in what way? You’ll have to find out. Pasts will show up and someone will die…….new lives will be made….all because of those boys. This once lovely dream turns into a nightmare……a beautiful nightmare.

Bringing back a story. Cast Calls!!!!!!

Hello everyone it’s Victoria. I am bringing back my old story ‘a beautiful nightmare’. I was not able to start/finish it so I’m going to bring it back this fall. I will be giving you the boys that’s  going to be in it so you want to be their girlfriend or ex girlfriend you will be able to comment(or tweet) and tell me who you want. There will be more than one of you picking some of the boys so I will choose you. Please not be sad if you don’t get picked. Thank you!!! ~T

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